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The House of Fabergé (French pronunciation: ​[fabɛʁʒe]; Russian: Дом Фаберже) is a jewellery firm founded in 1842 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, by Gustav Faberge, using the accented name Fabergé. Gustav's sons, Peter Carl and Agathon, and grandsons followed him in running the business until it was nationalised by the Bolsheviks in 1918. The firm was famous for designing elaborate jewel-encrusted Fabergé eggs for the Russian Tsars, and for a range of other work of high quality and intricate detail. In 1924, Peter Carl's sons Alexander and Eugène Fabergé opened Fabergé & Cie in Paris, making similar jewellery items and adding the name of the city to their rival firm's trademark, styling it FABERGÉ, PARIS.

Byron said, "The staff at the Faberge Museum are incredibly rude to foreign visitors. The ladies in the gift shop would not even acknowledge I was there, let alone help me buy a piece of jewellery. They way out of the museum is not clearly marked, with an exit sign pointing around the corner from the main entrance. When I asked for clarification the security guard ushered me forward towards the main door and when I pointed to the sign, he raised his voice and shouted "JUST GO." I cannot believe staff at a popular tourist attraction can behave like this. Disgusting behaviour. Save your money and go to another museum.


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James Goss says

"Bad bad wont let you cancel orders and keep demanding money"

Lara Turner says

"I have been trying for months to cancel my subscription but ever number I find to call customer service just rings out or only gives me the choice to pay if I owe anything. So frustrated!! Please people avoid at all cost it's a scam!!"

tim says

"AVOID.... Not finished my touring car collection and told me to purchase the rest on eBay. Waste of time"

Drew Thompson says

"I have lost count of the number of times I have contacted customer services for this company, each time I have spoken to a different person each of which give me a different answer. Two of my collections are half completed and I want to complete them have done everything I was asked but still no action has happened. I am getting so frustrated by this and want a resolution as I find this situation totally unacceptable. Drew Thompson"

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